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April 27, 2010
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Tea Time Logic in Underland by chrismata-dimensions Tea Time Logic in Underland by chrismata-dimensions
It is Tea time and Insanity and Logic met eye to eye! And Data is distracted between fascinating behavior between Vulcan and Underlandian (Human) eye mating habits. Chassur is making a steal for the android's scone.

Tarrant copy right Disney and Tim Burton.

Data copy right paramount pictures. **Sign***

Here is the Background story:

he Mischievous Q has brought Data and T'lara Kinsley ( a half human/vulcan hybird ) The Q continuum has seen the current brewing trouble and decided to intervene and assist Underland after almost 500 years after the Champion (Alice) has slew the Jabbbarwocky and brought piece to the land. But the champion has never returned forgot them all and married never to return, and died long ago. A new champion is needed. According to the Oracrum a new champion will come from a very very far away place and liberate them from the current threat. The chaos has cause the usual circular time has begin to move in linear fashion, causing the inhabitants of Underland to aged Queen A champion and her keeper (Data)

A very broken heart and bitter, middle aged Hatter once again asked the Queen to make him champion. Wishing for death to come to end his loneliness and pain. Sadly the Queen told him that he was not selected.

Enter Data and T'llara, strange new world.

About T'llara
Logical Half human/Vulcan woman descendant of Alice Kingsley herself, of course it is set in 23rd century or the early days of the federation (Hence before Spock was born) Anyway the Kingsley House hold is about to be destroyed and since she is one of the last descendants. She has lost her bond mate to ponfarr and it has left her mentally scarred as a Vulcan, and she has strayed away toward towards V'tosh ka'tur" ("Vulcan without logic". She is shame from her family on Vulcan, and really the Human world does not care for her either. With her mother (vulcan) on Vulcan and her human father dead ( a kingsley) T'karra-Hath Kinsley decide it was illogical for destroy a treasure of her ancestry.

Data finds Underland fascinating and unsure why Q stuck him here. Maybe he was part of the Oracum he is not really sure.

I challenge anyone who can write this. I can provide illustrations!

I would love some major angst in this story. Tarrant bitter and be affectionate to T'llara, confusing her with Alice. T'llara strange attraction to this strange human and her torn Vulcan /Human nature in fighting herself to remain emotionless and cool and kindled ancient attraction she feels for Tarrant.

Data irritates Tarrant at first with his long explanations and knowledge pack winded speeches He thought Data was kin to his clan. But was displayed that Data was not even Underlandlian nor even human. But a living "puppet" made of strange flesh and metal underneath.

All three were dictated by the Oracum to save Underland, and how they are going to work together in saving Underland is going to be an interesting one....
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SuperVocaloidfan4eva Dec 21, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Data looks, uhm, what are the right words? Ohyeah
If Alice had gotten married then she wouldn't be a Kingsley anymore and neither would here desendents. Just saying, great ideas though. ^ ^
What is your idea? i love to hear it!
Hehe sneaky Cheshire! Are you still looking for a writer?
Sure what you got? I can beta XD
Beta? What is that? I like to write, and I was thinking that if you didn't have someone to do it yet..we could see how it goes.
It basically someone who reads the story before it put out , suggests ideas, and looks for grammar errors. Now I can do art according to your story, if you like!
Sure! I'll send you a note with details!
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